DIY: How to Build a Raised Rendered Planter

If like me you have lusted over Pinterest images of rendered planters but ruled them out as too expensive, you may be suprised to know they are actually fairly easy to build yourself. My husband and I constructed one in our garden without any prior experience of building blockwork walls or rendering and we are… Continue reading DIY: How to Build a Raised Rendered Planter

The Garden Makeover: Part 1 (Before + After)

As summer is drawing to a close, so is the first phase of our garden makeover. When we bought the house in August 2016 the 'garden' was devoid of any planting and looked very bleak. There were several layers of fencing partitioning areas for bins around the house and a seperate seating area at the… Continue reading The Garden Makeover: Part 1 (Before + After)

DIY Customised Wardrobe

I am delighted to have had so much interest in the customised bedroom wardrobe showcased in my last post:¬†Bedroom Transformation,¬†and as it was so simple to construct I thought I would share with you how we did it. If you missed the post, we converted a useless old cupboard in the bedroom into a fully… Continue reading DIY Customised Wardrobe