Review: Ikea + HAY Ypperlig collection

The fantastically named ‘Ypperlig collection’ will be launching in Ikea shops in October and I for one will be at the front of the queue! The collection is a collaboration between the Danish Design company HAY and Swedish mega homestore Ikea and features a variety of beautifully designed items. All the pieces encompass HAY’s distinctive minimalist style but without the usual pricetag.

Ikea describe the range as ‘the beauty of basics’ as it features a wide range of everyday items from cushions to candle holders. There are also a few higher value items such as the two seat sofa and a solid wood dining table. Wood features prominently, with some items being highlighted in a select palette of green, dark red and blue as well as the ususal monochrome hues.

To see the full range click here.

The promo photographs set a moody tone for the products which is reflective of it’s grown-up sophisticated style that will surely be hugely popular. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection:

Sofa £275


This sofa was apparently based on an old 1950’s Ikea sofa but is now redesigned to be formed from a single piece of foam. It certainly has a retro vibe and would look great in any living room as secondary or occasional seating.

Coffee table £35


These coffee tables are beautiful and will certainly have a place in my living room if I can get my hands on one. I love the chunky wooden legs and as the picture demonstrates I think they probably look best in pairs.

Mirrors (from £12)


The range includes three unique metal framed mirrors which would look great hung together (as pictured) or individually. The metal frame folds at the bottom to provide a handy shelf. I personally love the white and green versions, which would sit beautifully on a colour or white wall respectively.

Cushions £5


There are nine cushion covers in the new collection, each in a different colour. The colours all go together beautifully and have subtly different patterns on each side of the cushion. All of the cushions are dotted except for the black and white cushion which is my personal favourite.

Ikea are also set to release a collection for millennials in the forthcoming year, which will no doubt be more fun but I think Ypperlig is going to be the hit of the season.

All imagery courtesy of IKEA.


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