Bedroom Transformation Complete! Before + After

I am very pleased to say that after a fair amount of hard work our bedroom remodelling is finally finished! Well.. not completely finished (we still need to replace the lights and I’ve seen some beautiful chambray curtains….) but nevertheless we are delighted with the transformation so far. When we bought the house last year it was not easy to see the potential of the ‘master bedroom’, with its dingy yellow walls and beige carpet (estate agent photo below), but the character of the room has slowly revealed itself in the refurb.


The Makeover

On the day we moved in, we were pleased to find that an old Victorian fireplace had been lurking behind a desk and the original hardwood floorboards beaneath the carpet were still mostly intact. Working with this as a base, we stripped back all the finishes, sanded, filled, painted, constructed shelving… and here’s what it looks like now:

IMG_4697 amended


For the walls we chose ‘pavilion grey’ from Farrow and Ball, which is a lovely, soft colour, perfect for a chilled out bedroom vibe. The grey also contrasts well with white, which we used to highlight features such as the fireplace surround and floorboards. The colour also compliments our grey cat but that is just a happy accident 🙂

IMG_4735 amended


Our bed and mattress were bought from Heal’s Brunel range and whilst they were not the cheapest option, they were well worth the extra in terms of quality and comfort (the delivery men also built the bed for us which was a bonus!) The bedside tables are from Habitat’s Tatsuma range and I love how the white pops against the grey walls. The lamp is a Bobby Lamp, also from Habitat.


IMG_4715 amended


We would have loved to expose the natural wood floorboards but they were covered in a tar treatment which had become deeply ingrained. Instead we hired an industrial sander to get a smooth finish, filled the joints and painted white with a Ronseal floor paint. We deliberated for a while over the floor colour but in the end felt white would make the room feel larger and provide a good base for more colourful objects and furnishings.



Storage was an issue. Typical of Victorian houses the bedroom had a cupboard next to the chimney breast but it was too tall and shallow to be of any real use. So we customised! We painted the cupboard a rich teal colour called ‘Proud Peacock’ by Dulux and fitted exposed plywood shelves around a central, pull-out hanging space. We also fitted a motion sensor LED strip light that comes on when you open the door, for a bit of glamour and fun.

IMG_4706 amended

The cupboard is now far more useful and I love the way the shock of colour hits you when you open the door.

IMG_4714 amended


We used ‘railings’ by Farrow and Ball to paint the fireplace which is quite a dramatic dark grey/blue but still softer than black. The paint is  full gloss to contrast with the flat wall colour – however be warned it shows every imperfection and brush stroke! For the surround we used a white satin paint to make the dark grey stand out more. This is quite a classic decorating style for fireplaces but I love the contrast between the traditional Victorian features and more contemporary furnishings such as our large, round mirror from Ikea.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the post – feel free to ask questions or leave a comment 🙂

12 thoughts on “Bedroom Transformation Complete! Before + After”

  1. Amazing how spacious the room looks after all the work. The quality of light also makes the room seem so much bigger. I especially like the idea of a two-toned door – I will have to use that idea soon I think. Really beautiful colours chosen and love the mirror. The cat looks majestic in the space.

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